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We understand the frustration that emerges after waiting days for help with a Sage query. As a business, you need your accounting and payroll needs met now, otherwise your productivity is hampered. We ensure that our technicians are always on call. We want to solve your problem now, not later.


    The worse thing to hear when you require answers is: “It can’t be done”. At Exponant the very last thing we will tell you is that anything is impossible, we go out of our way to find solutions for every query with the help of our highly skilled Sage technicians.

    We provide a multi-dimensional approach to your business. If you have a Sage query, you require technicians who are well versed in accounting.

    We have a dedicated support line, allowing you to avoid the ping-pong game that involves going through multiple operators to find a department. 

    Call us on 012 663 0100

    A Sage Platinum Business Partner

    Exponant is a proud Sage Business Partner. We have a dedicated team of Sage technicians who are able to assist you with any queries you may have.

    Installation can be completed on site from the day of request or online, depending on your needs.

    Exponant understands that every business is different so we cater to your unique business structure, and provide you with a software that is suitable to your business

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    Sage 200 Evolution

    Sage Evolution accounting software will provide you with business management tools to obtain a holistic view of your company  by bringing all of your operating environments together.


    Sage Intacct

    Sage Intacct is a cloud financial management solution that enables you to do more, and better. A solution that is built by finance, for finance. Manage risk in real-time, deliver insight across multiple entities, and drives full Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) compliance for businesses like yours.

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    32 Oxford Office Park, Centurion, South Africa

    012 663 0100